Thule Volcano | John Seach


South Sandwich Islands, Antarctica

59.449 S, 27.366 W
summit elevation 725 m

Thule is the southernmost island in the South Sandwich group. The island is a partly eroded stratovolcano. The summit is Mount Larsen at 725 m.

A 60 m deep volcanic cone occupies the centre of the island. On the eastern side, coastal cliffs cut into the cone. Stratified pyroclastics and lava flows are exposed in cliffs around the island. Hewison Point is home to a large penguin colony.

Eruptions at Thule Volcano
A glacier which joins Hewison Point to the island is partially covered with ash and scoria. This indicates a flank crater was recently active. In 1962 scoriacious material was observed on ice above the south coast.

Thule Volcano Eruptions

Undated eruptions.