Tendurek Dagi Volcano | John Seach


(Tendürük Dagi)

39.33 N, 43.83 E
summit elevation 3584 m
Shield volcano

Tendurek Dagi Volcano is located in eastern Turkey, 50 km SW of Mt Ararat. The volcano contains a caldera with well preserved cones. Lava flows from the western crater covered an area of 500 sq km. Lava flows extend 10-20 km north and south. Tendtirek is a polygenetic volcano, built by small fissure eruptions followed by central eruptions and caldera collapse.

An explosive eruption occurred in 1855. About 2500 years ago there was a lava flow from a vent on SE flank.

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Tendurek Dagi Volcano Eruptions

1855, 550 BC?