Tatun Volcano | John Seach




25.17 N, 121.52 E
summit elevation 1120 m

Tatun Volcano (Datun) is located in northern Taiwan, between Taipei and the Eastern China Sea. The volcano consists of about 20 stratovolcanoes. The volcano is 15 km from Taipei.

Eruptive products from the volcano cover 200 sq km, and consist of andesitis lava and pyroclastic flows.

Two nuclear power power plants were built 35 years ago a few kilometres northeast of the volcano.

Seismic studies since 2003 detected volcano-tectonic earthquakes, tornillo type events, long duration bursts (15 minutes) and short duration bursts (10-15 seconds).

Eruptions of Tatun volcano
Tatun volcano was previously considered dormant, but helium isotope studies showed 60% of helium release was derived from mantle sources. This indicates active degassing at the volcano.

Tatun Volcano Eruptions

5000 years ago