El Tatio Volcano - John Seach


(Los Géiseres del Tatio)


22.35 S,  68.03 W
summit elevation 4280 m
Hydrothermal field

El Tatio Volcano is located in northern Chile. The hydrothermal filed consists of a chain of volcanoes - Cerro Deslinde, Cerro Volcán, Cerros del Tatio, and Volcán Tatio.

Hoyada de Los Geisers del Tatio geothermal field covers 30 sq km, and contains 85 fumaroles and solfataras, 62 hot springs, 40 geysers, 5 mud volcanoes, and extensive sinter terraces. This is the world's third largest geyser field, and the largest in the southern hemisphere.

El Tatio Volcano Eruptions

Possible eruptions in the past 10,000 years.