Jebel al-Tair Volcano | John Seach


(Djebel Teyr)
Hodeidah Province, Yemen

15.70 N, 41.742 E
summit elevation 244 m

Jebel al-Tair volcano is located in the Red Sea, off the coast of Yemen.

The volcano forms a circular island 3 km in diameter. The cone is Djebel Duchan and is composed of lava, ash, and pumice. There is a breached crater at the summit. Jebel al-Tair means "Bird mountain".

2007-08 Eruptions
A fissure eruption began at Jebel al-Tair Volcano on 30th September 2007. Fire fountains erupted from a fissure on the NE flank. Lava flowed into the sea, and caused up to eight fatalities among military personnel on the island. Seven soldiers attempted to escape the island by swimming through hot water. The eruption destroyed a naval base. Ash and pumice rafts floated 10 km from the island. On 3rd November 2007, fire fountains were visible on the NW side of the island near the summit. Satellite images showed hotspots at the volcano until June 2008.

Further reading
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Jebel al-Tair Volcano Eruptions

2007-08, 1883, 1863, 1833 ± 1, 1750 ± 50