Tahalra Volcano | John Seach



22.67 N, 5.00 E
summit elevation 1467 m
Volcanic field

Tahalra Volcanic Field is located in southern Algeria, and covers an area of 1800 sq km. It consists of pyroclastic cones, maars and lava domes. Eruptions have built a series of small strombolian stratovolcanoes which erupted basanite, hawaiite, and nephelinite lava flows.

Three main volcanic phases occurred at Tahalra Volcanic.

1) Miocene eruption of large amounts of basaltic lava to a depth of 100 m in the east.
2) Eruption of 100 small basaltic Strombolian volcanoes in the eastern and western regions of the field. Iharen phonolitic plug, near Tamanrasset was formed during this period.
3) Paleolitic to Neolitic eruptions created 20 maars and cones on the northern region.

Further reading
Dautria, J.M., Dostal, J., Dupuy, C. and Liotard, J.M., 1988. Geochemistry and petrogenesis of alkali basalts from Tahalra (Hoggar, Northwest Africa). Chemical Geology69(1-2), pp.17-35.

Tahalra Volcano Eruptions

No recent eruptions.