Tacora Volcano | John Seach



17.72 S, 69.77 W
summit elevation 5980 m

Tacora is the northernmost volcano in Chile. The volcano contains glaciers down to 5500 m elevation. There is an explosion crater 300 m below the summit on NW flank. Solfatara are located on the eastern side of the mountain.

Tacora volcano has one of the largest sulphur reserves in Chile.

Futher reading
Capaccioni et al., 2011. Geochemical and isotopic evidences of magmatic inputs in the hydrothermal reservoir feeding the fumarolic discharges of Tacora volcano (northern Chile). Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research208(3-4), pp.77-85.

Tacora Volcano Eruptions

1937?, 1930?