Suoh Volcano | John Seach


Sumatra, Indonesia

5.25 S, 104.27 E
summit elevation 1000 m
maars and lava dome

(Also called Pematang Bata). The volcano is located in south Sumatra.

A major earthquake (Mag 7.2) on February 15, 1994 triggered a phreatic eruption of Suoh Volcano 2 weeks later. This is the second time that this has happened at Suoh Volcano. The first was in 1933 when the volcano ejected 0.2 cubic km of tephra. The eruption formed two craters with the northernmost measuring 2 km x 1.5 km, and the southern 1 km x 0.75 km. A roaring noise came from 100 vents and the eruption was heard 660 km away in Java.

1933 Eruption
A phreatic eruption occurred at Suoh volcano on 10th July 1933, 14 days after a large earthquake in southern Sumatra. The explosions were heard in Java 660 km away. Trees were uprooted and snapped off at the roots.

Suoh Volcano Eruptions

1994, 1933 (VEI 5)