Sundoro Volcano | John Seach


Central Java, Indonesia

7.30 S, 109.99 E,
summit elevation 3151 m

Sundoro is a stratovolcano located close to Sumbing Volcano. It is one of the most symmetrical volcanoes in Java.
Craters at the summit area : Segoro Wedi, Segoro Banjaran, Kawah utara, kawah selatan and Sumur ledakan.

Sundoro Volcano - John Seach

Hundreds of hills on the NE side of the mountain are remnants of ancient landslides and lahars.

Eruptions have historically produced ash plumes rising from the summit which were visible for tens of kilometers. However, no record of volcanic ash on the ground has been found, indicating ash was too thin to be preserved.

2013 Fatalities
Two high school students were killed at Mount Sundoro volcano on 1st January 2013 after they were overcome by toxic fumes. Wonosobo Search and Rescue team found their bodies near the Gerawah crater, where the strong smell of sulphur filled the air.

2012 Unrest
Seismicity increased at Sundoro volcano between January and March 2012.

2011 Unrest
Sundoro volcano in central Java was raised to level 2 alert on 6th December 2011 after an increase in seismicity. The temperature of fumaroles at the summit increased from 75 deg C on 26th November to 95 deg C on 2nd December. On 2nd December a plume from the summit rose several tens of metres above the rim of the crater. The number of volcanic earthquakes were measured as 3 in October, 13 in November and 20 between 1-4 December. A 2 km exclusion zone has been placed around the volcano.

Further reading
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 Sundoro Volcano Eruptions

1971, 1906, 1903, 1902, 1887, 1883, 1882, 1818, 1806?