Sumbing Volcano | John Seach


Sumatra, Indonesia

2.414 S, 101.728 E
summit elevation 2507 m

Note: A volcano with the same name is located in central Java, Indonesia.

Sumbing volcano is located in central west Sumatra, Indonesia. The summit area has a complicated form with the remains of many craters. Solfatara, fumaroles and hot springs are located on the west side of the volcano. Jambi is the largest city close to the volcano.

Crater A fills with water in the rainy season. Crater B contains fumaroles and solfatara. Crater C is covered with grass. Crater D contains fumaroles and solfatara.

2009 Earthquake
A magnitude 6.8 earthquake occurred 17km SW of the summit of Sumbing volcano on 1st October 2009. In late October 2009 wildlife rangers on the western slope of Sumbing volcano felt earthquakes, and observed new solfatara, and areas of burnt vegetation.

1730 a summit eruption formed a lava dome. The lava dome has been covered by vegetation since 1925. Moderate eruptions occurred in 1909 and 1921.

Further reading
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Sumbing Volcano Eruptions

1921, 1909, 1730