Spurr Volcano - John Seach



61.30 N, 152.25 W
summit elevation 3374 m
stratovolcano and explosion caldera

Mt Spurr Volcano is located 130 km west of Anchorage and NE of Chakachamna Lake. It is the hishest volcano in the Aleutain arc. Only two eruptions have been recorded at Mt Spurr volcano, in 1953 and 1992.

The historical eruptions occurred at Crater Peak vent, a small stratocone on the south flank of Mount Spurr volcano.

2004-2008 Seismicity
Seismicity has remained above background levels at Mt Spurr since 2004.

1992 Eruption
Three 1992 eruptions were short-lived and explosive. A moderate explosive eruption began on 27th June and produced an ash which drifted 200 km from the volcano to a height of 9 km. Sulphur dioxide was detected 500 km from the volcano, on satellite images. On 18th August a stronger eruption occurred. Anchorage, 130 km E of Spurr, closed its international airport and most residents stayed indoors. Ash emissions reached a maximum height of 13.5 km. On 21 August, satellite images showed a plume extending 3500 km from central Saskatchewan, to central Alberta, SW British Columbia, and into the Pacific Ocean, off the coast of northern California. A third brief explosive eruption occurred on 16-17 September. Ashfall was reported from communities out as far as Beaver Creek near the Canadian border, almost 600 km away.

1953 Eruption
The 1953 eruption deposited 6mm of ash in Anchorage.

Spurr Volcano Eruptions

1992 (crater peak), 1953 (crater peak)