Slamet Volcano | John Seach


Central Java, Indonesia

7.24 S, 108.40 E,
summit elevation 3432 m

Slamet volcano is located in central Java (Jawa Tengah), 20 km north of Purwokerto, a city with a population of 250,000.

Slamet is Java's second highest volcano. Four craters are present at the summit. All four craters are about 450 m diameter. Eruptions occur from a crater on the western summit and usually last for a few days to a few weeks.

2009 Eruption
Slamet volcano in Indonesia has begun erupting this week 19th April 2009. The number of explosion earthquakes detected were 49 on 19th April, 97 on 20th April, 163 on 22nd April, and 52 yesterday. Emissions were visible rising 800 m above the summit. Slamet volcano was raised to level 3 alert (Siaga), and the summit was closed to climbers.

2007 Steam Plumes
Two weeks of heavy rains in March 2007 produced steam plumes in April which lasted for a week, and were visible as far away as Semarang 138 km to the ENE.

2000 Eruptions
During the last week of July 713 small explosion earthquakes were recorded at the volcano. Visual observations showed a dense white plume rising 300 m above the summit. Between 19-25 September 3765 explosion earthquakes were recorded. Explosions were finished by the end of October 2000.

1988 Eruptions
Eruptions began at Slamet volcano on 12th July 1988. Ash and incandescent tephra were ejected 500 m above the crater. Ash fell at Brebes 85 km NE of the volcano. The Strombolian eruption lasted 30 hours.

1939 Eruption
Eruptions occurred at Slamet volcano on 29th March 1939. Ash emissions were seen from neighbouring towns until 1345 hr on 30th March. The volcano was active during the whole of April.

1932 Eruption
Small eruptions began at Slamet volcano on 1st July 1932. Ash fell over the surrounding region. Activity increased from 17th July with detonations and loud rumblings. On 30th July glowing blocks were ejected. Strong activity continued until 6th August.

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Slamet Volcano Eruptions

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