Singu Plateau Volcano | John Seach


Burma (Myanmar)

22.70 N, 95.98 E
summit elevation 507 m
Fissure vents

Singu Plateau volcano is located in central Burma, 32 km NE of Shwebo, a city of 88,000 people.

2014 Earthquake
A magnitude 5.2 earthquake hit 28 km north of Singu Plateau volcano.

2012 Earthquakes
A magnitude 6.6 Earthquake hit 36 km north of Singu volcano on 11th November 2012. Two magnitude 5.0 aftershocks occurred 8 and 13 km from the volcano two hours later. On 26th December 2012 magnitude 4.4 and 4.9 earthquakes hit under the NW and north flank of the volcano.

Further reading
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Singu Plateau Volcano Eruptions

No recent eruptions.