Simbo Volcano | John Seach


Simbo Island, Western Province
Solomon Islands

8.292 S, 156.52 E
summit elevation 335 m

Simbo Island is located 31 km SW of Ghizo. Simbo was home to head hunters in the 19th century and now is famous for skull houses. The island is classified as a volcano with evidence of effusive lava flows which have not been dated.

Lake Ove is situated on the south west of the island.
It's waters are stained green with sulphur. A thermal spring is at the southern end of the lake and the hot water is used to cook megapode eggs.
Ove crater is north west of Mt Matindingi and is mildly fumarolic. Another fumarole is located on the shore below the crater.
Hot fumaroles are also located 200 m SW of the crater. Two volcanic cones are located in the south of the island.
In the north of the island lies Lake Pughele which occupies an old volcanic crater.

2007 Earthquake
A great earthquake (Mag 8.1) hit 42 km east of Simbo Island on 2nd April 2007. A tsunami hit houses 200 m inland on Simbo Island. After the earthquake, residents on Simbo said the whole island smelled of sulphur. Many people left the island fearing an eruption.

2006 Volcanic Unrest
At the end of September 2006, residents of Simbo Island felt many earthquakes over multiple days. On 21st September there were 7 earthquakes measured. The earthquakes were thought to be due to heating under the volcano.

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Simbo Volcano Eruptions

Last eruption was in the early 1900's.