Sheveluch Volcano | John Seach


Kamchatka, Russia

56.653 N, 161.360 E
summit elevation 3283 m

Sheveluch is one of the most active volcanoes on the Kamchatka peninsula. It is located in northern Kamchatka. It contains unusual rocks, similar to adakites. The eruptions are usually explosive. The volcano is noted for repeated large flank failures. Large flank failures occurred in 1964, 1970, 1995, 1999.

The closest town near the Sheveluch is Klyuchi (population 5,000) located at a distance of 50 kilometres from the volcano.

2022 Activity
Eruptions continued in January 2022. During 6-7 and 9-11 January, plumes rose to an altitude of 16,400 ft and drifted 175 km W.

2010 Eruptions
Explosive and effusive eruptions occurred at Sheveluch volcano in Kamchatka. On 28th October ash emissions reached a height of 23,000 ft. Seismic activity began to increase on 26th October, and a strong paroxysmal explosive eruption at the volcano occurred from 14:00 until 20:40 UTC on 27th October. The ash column reached a height of 40,000 ft. Satellite images showed the ash plumes extending 2,500 km east from the volcano on 27-28 October. Ashfall occurred at Ust-Kamchatsk from 18:00 UTC on 27th October until 03:00 UTC on 28th October. The airport and road from Ust-Kamchatsk to Kluchi were closed.
An eruption of Sheveluch volcano occurred on 10th January. Ash emissions reached 21,000 ft altitude.

2009 Eruptions
An eruption occurred at Sheveluch volcano on 25th July 2009. Ash emissions reached height of 23,000 ft, and 170 earthquakes were measured in 24 hour period. Some earthquakes were followed by ash emissions and avalanches. Volcanic activity over the past 3 years has significantly altered the shape of the volcano, with the crater increasing in size by 50% and the slopes becoming steeper.

2008 Eruption
A dome collapse occurred at the volcano in September 2008.

2005 Eruption
A large eruption occurred at Sheveluch volcano on 27-28 February 2005. Ash fell at Klyuchi, 46 km from the volcano. Satellite images showed ash deposits west of Sheveluch volcano covering an area of 24,800 sq km. From 25 February to 4 March 2005 ash fell in Ust'-Hairyuzovo, 250 km west of Sheveluch.

The large 2005 pyroclastic flow filled the valley and covered an area of about 25 square km, destroying the forest on low river terraces. The woodless part of the valley broadened from 100–200 to 1000–2000 m. Trees growing along the valley slopes died of burns inflicted by the hot surge spreading downward. Conifer forest die-off as a result of thermal impact from an eruption is a unique phenomenon for the Kurile–Kamchatka region.

1993-94 Eruption
An explosive eruption began at Sheveluch volcano on 22nd April 1993. At 1340 the eruption column reached an absolute height of 20 km.

1964 Eruption
The 1964 eruption of Sheveluch volcano was preceded by a long period of seismicity. A swarm of earthquakes occurred at the beginning of May 1964. There was a reduction in seismic activity during the second half of October.
During the day before the eruption, 73 earthquakes were recorded, and in the 7 hr period immediately before the eruption began, earthquakes occurred almost continuously. The eruption began on 12th November 1964, at 0705 (local time) with the destruction of the summit of the volcano and the formation of a crater, 1.5 x 3 km wide. The volume of directed-blast deposits was 1.5 cubic km. The volcano edifice was destroyed during the climactic stage of the eruption, possibly in a succession of smaller directed blasts rather than one explosion.

1854 Eruption
A catastrophic eruption of Sheveluch volcano occurred in 1854, which produced a large crater and pyroclastic flows.

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Sheveluch Volcano Eruptions

1999-2022 continuing, 1998, 1997, 1993-94, 1991, 1990, 1989, 1988, 1986-88, 1985, 1984, 1980-81, 1964, 1944-50, 1930, 1928-29, 1905, 1897-98, 1879-83, 1864, 1854