Mt Schank Volcano | John Seach


South Australia
37.9 S, 140.45 E
summit elevation 100 m
Cinder cone  

Mt Schank is one of Australia's dormant, but not yet extinct, volcanoes. The cinder cones are located 14 km south of Mt Gambier in South Australia, and is part of Mount Schank State Heritage Area.

Mt Schank volcano consists of 2 dry craters. The northern crater is circular and 300 m in diameter. The older, smaller, southern crater is 200 m in diameter and partially overlapped by the larger crater.

Eruptions were explosive with pyroclastic flows and lava flows. These were were basaltic phreatomagmatic explosions. Future eruptions are possible at the volcano.

Further reading
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Eruptions of Mt Schank Volcano

5000 years ago