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36.4 N, 25.39 E
summit elevation 564 m
shield volcanoes

Santorini erupted in 1600 BC and buried the city of Akrotiri and possibly gave rise to the legend of Atlantis.
Three islands remained after the eruption - Thera, Therasia, and Aspronisi.
Santorini caldera has a diameter 11 km N-S and 7.5 km E-W, with a depth of 390 m in the north. The 1950 eruption of Santorini produced a lava dome, lava flow, and explosive activity.

Santorini caldera 2014

Santorini 2016

santorini volcano
Nea Kameni, Santorini volcano, Greece.

santorini sunset
Santorini sunset



santorini greece

akrotiri santorini
Ruins of Akotiri, Santorini Island, Greece

2011-2012 Unrest
In January 2011 Santorini started to wake from 60 years of inactivity. The episode began with a seismic swarm and radial deformation of the volcano. The unreast has been interpreted as radial inflation of the volcano by 5-9 cm by a magma source, 4 km below the northern half of the caldera.

Minoan Eruption
About 1650 BC a series of Plinian eruptions at Santorini volcano expelled 40-60 cubic km of lava, and created a regional tsunami. This eruption was possibly the main factor in the destruction of the Minoan civilisation.

Santorini Tsunami 1638 BC

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Santorini Volcano Eruptions

1950, 1939-41, 1925-28, 1866-70, 1707-11, 1650, 1570-73, 726, 46-47 AD
197 BC, 1600 BC