San José Volcano | John Seach



33.78 S, 69.89 W
summit elevation 5856 m

San Jose Volcano is located on the central Chile-Argentina border. The volcano summit contains overlapping nested craters, pyroclastic cones, and blocky lava flows.

Several volcanoes occur in the group including, Marmolejo, Espíritu Santo, Volcán la Engorda and Volcán Plantat.

Further reading
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Leopoldo, Lopez-Escobar, et al. "Geochemistry and petrology of lavas from San Jose volcano, Southern Andes (33. DEG. 45'S)." Geochemical Journal 19.4 (1985): 209-222.

San José Volcano Eruptions

1960, 1959, 1895-97, 1889-90, 1881, 1822-38