Sangeang Api Volcano | John Seach


Sangeang Island, Indonesia

8.18 S, 119.05 E
summit elevation 1949 m
complex volcano

Sangeang Api Volcano is located 7 km off the north-east coast of Sumbawa Island, Indonesia. The Volcano consists of 2 cones. Doro Api (1949 m) is the active cone and Doro Mantoi (1795 m). Activity at the volcano usually begins with Vulcanian eruptions, followed by Strombolian explosions and lava flows.

2014 Eruption
An eruption of Sangeang Api volcano occurred on 30th May 2014. Ash reached an altitude of 50,000 ft and extended 3000 km southeast to western Queensland, Australia. Flights were cancelled from Darwin, Australia.

2012 Unrest
An increase in volcanic earthquakes in October 2012 resulted in an increase in volcanic alert to level 2 on 10th October.

2009 Activity
There has been an increase in activity at Sangeang volcano in Indonesia, with increasing numbers of volcanic earthquakes and tremor. White emissions are visible rising 25 m above the summit. The alert status of Sangeang Api Volcano was raised from normal to Waspada (Level II) on 4th June 2009.

A large earthquake (mag 6.3) hit 18 km west of the volcano on 1st December 2006.

1999 Eruption
Between March and May 1999 ash plumes rose up to 150 m above the crater.

1985 Eruption
Eruptions produced pyroclastic flows, lava flows and ash emission.

Further reading
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Sangeang Api Volcano Eruptions

2014, 1999, 1985-88, 1966, 1964-65, 1958, 1957, 1956, 1955, 1954, 1954, 1953, 1927, 1912, 1911, 1860, 1821, 1715, 1512.