Sairecabur Volcano | John Seach



22.73 S, 67.88 W
summit elevation 5971 m

Sairecabur volcano is located on the Chile-Bolivia border. There are four stratovolcanoes in the group - Cerro Sairecabur at 5,971 m, Curiquinca (5,722 m), Escalante (5,819 m); and Cerro Colorado (5,728 m).

The volcano contains a 4.5 km wide caldera. Receiver Lab Telescope is located at 5,525 m. Escalante has a crater lake at its summit and young lava flows on its flanks.

A sulphur mine is on the north side of the mountain.

Further reading
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Sairecabur Volcano Eruptions

No recent eruptions.