Rungwe Volcano | John Seach



9.13 S, 33.67 E
summit elevation 2961 m

Rungwe volcano is located 54 km NW of  Lake Malawi (Lake Nyasa), and 14 km north of Takuyu. It contains pumice cones, lava domes, and explosion craters.

In 2003 a new species of monkey was discovered on the volcano. It is called the highland mangabey (Rungwecebus kipunji). Fewer than a thousand highland mangabeys exist. Scientists have assigned it to a new genus, Rungwecebus, named after Rungwe volcano, where it is found.

Originally the monkey was assigned to the genus Lophocebus, but genetic and morphological tests showed that it is more closely related to baboons (genus Papio) than to the other mangabeys in the genus Lophocebus.

2009 Earthquake
On 20th December 2009 a magnitude 6.0 earthquake hit 90 km SSE of Rungwe volcano, Tanzania, near the town of Karonga in Malawi. The earthquake damaged school buildings, houses, police stations, health centers and boreholes. Hundreds of people were left homeless, and one death reported.

Further reading
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Rungwe Volcano Eruptions

No dated eruptions.