Rumble II Volcano | John Seach


New Zealand

35.4S, 178.6E
summit elevation -800 m
Submarine volcano

Rumble II Volcano is located 250 km off the north coast of New Zealand. It is situated on the New Zealand - Kermadec arc.

Rumble II West is one of the two volcanoes forming the Rumble II complex. It is a 950 m high stratovolcano with a basal diameter of 12–14 km. The volcano flanks contain a series of satellite cones, 1–2 km in diameter, and 100–150 m high.

A series of lava flows., and coarse pillow lava, cover 28 sq km of the WSW flank, and appear to originate from near the caldera rim.

The circular caldera is 2.53 km in diameter. The caldera walls are steep, 6070 degrees. A central cone, 1.31.5 km wide and 200 m high, is located at the centre of the caldera floor.

Further Reading
Leybourne, M.I. et al. 2012. Geology, hydrothermal activity, and sea-floor massive sulfide mineralization at the Rumble II west mafic caldera. Economic Geology, 107(8), pp.1649-1668.

Rumble II Volcano Eruptions

Hydrothermal activity.