Nevado del Ruiz Volcano | John Seach



4.89N, 75.32 W
summit elevation 5321 m

Nevado del Ruiz volcano is located in central Colombia, 130 km WNW of Bogata. In 1985 an eruption of the volcano created history's fourth largest volcanic disaster, killing 25,000 people.

2012 Eruption
An eruption was reported at Nevado del Ruiz volcano on 15th November 2012. The eruption was not directly seen due to clouds in the area. Eruption was detected by elevated seismic activity during the afternoon.

2002 Earthquake Swarm
A swarm of volcano-tectonic earthquakes occurred at the volcano on 9th June 2002.

1985 Disaster
On 13th November 1985 an eruption of Ruiz caused a lahar which swept through the town of Armero killing 25 000 people. Lahars have the consistency of freshly made concrete. The government officials were responsible for this tragedy as they chose to ignore the warnings by volcanologists. Fumarolic, phreatic and seismic activity had occurred at the volcano for a year before the eruption.

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Nevado del Ruiz Volcano Eruptions

2012, 1994?, 1985-91, 1984-85, 1916, 1845, 1833?, 1831, 1829, 1828, 1826?, 1805, 1623, 1595, 1570, 1541?