Ruang Volcano | John Seach


Sangihe Islands, Indonesia

2.30 N, 125.37 E
summit elevation 725 m

Note: There is a volcano with a similar name "Raung" in east Java, Indonesia.

Ruang is the southernmost active volcano of the Sangihe Islands. The island is 5 km x 4 km and was known as a volcano since 1603. It rises 725 m above sea level and 1700 m above the ocean floor. Ruang has a small summit crater approximately 500 m in diameter and partially filled with the 1949 lava dome.

2002 Eruption
On 24th September 2002 there was an increase in seismicity at the volcano. The following day continuous ash emissions occurred at the volcano, causing about 1000 residents of Laimpatehi and Pompente villages evacuated to a nearby island. Darwin Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre reported ash rising to an altitude of 17 km. Eruptions finished by 30th September. The eruption site was presumed to be either Crater II, or the site where the 1949 lava originated (E side of summit).

1996 Eruption
A Qantas Airlines crew reported an eruption around 1600 hr on 27th June 1996. A plume moved west and reached an altitude of about 6000 m.

1949 Eruption
An explosive eruption occurred in January 1949, producing lava flows and a lava dome.

1871 Eruption and Tsunami
A destructive tsunami with a height of 25 m occurred as a result of dome collapse and pyroclastic flow on 5th March 1871.

Further reading
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Ruang Volcano Eruptions

2002, 1996, 1949, 1914-15, 1904-05, 1889, 1874, 1871, 1870, 1856, 1840, 1836?, 1808.