Roccamonfina Volcano | John Seach


Campania, Italy

41.3 N, 14.9 E
summit elevation 1005 m
Volcano type unknown

Roccamonfina volcano is located 60 km northwest of Naples. The lower flanks of the volcano rise gently at 6 degrees to al elevation of 400 m The cone rises steeply at 20 degrees to the summit caldera.

Roccamonfina volcano is partially dissected and has a volume of about 100 km 3 and a base near sea-level of 17 18 km diameter.

Roccamonfina volcano has been extinct since antiquity, but is still shaken by seismic activity. The oldest human footprints have been found on Roccamonfina volcano. It is a mystery how people could have walked on molten lava to produce the footprints.

White Trachytic Tuff
The tuff is associated with the largest eruptions at Roccamonfina volcano 300,000 years ago.

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Roccamonfina Volcano Eruptions

50,000 - 650,000 years ago