Reporoa Volcano | John Seach


North Island, New Zealand

38.42 S, 176.33 E
summit elevation 592  m

Reporoa volcano is located between Lake Taupo and Rotorua. Reporoa caldera formed about 230,000 years ago during the eruption of the about 100 cu km of tephra.

Wai o Tapu Geothermal area
Wai o Tapu is located on the northern end of the Taupo-Reporoa graben.

Reporoa volcano
Champagne Pool, Reporoa volcano - John Seach

Wai o Tapu geothermal area

wai o tapu
Devils cave, Wai o Tapu, New Zealand

2005 Hydrothermal Explosion
A hydrothermal explosion occurred on farmland throwing mud and rocks into the air, and creating a 50 m wide crater. It was one of the biggest explosions at the volcano since 1948.

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Reporoa Volcano Eruptions

Possible eruption in 1180.