Ranakah Volcano | John Seach


Flores, Indonesia

8.62 S, 120.52 E
summit elevation 2247 m
Lava domes

Ranakah volcano is located in western Flores. Ranakah volcano appeared to be inactive until 1987 when it erupted.

2011 Unrest
Between January and 24th August 2011 there was a background level of 1-2 shallow volcanic earthquakes per day at the volcano. On 24th August 2011 there were 10 shallow volcanic earthquakes recorded and 6 on 25th August. There was a risk that volcanic earthquakes could disrupt the lava dome causing pyroclastic flows similar to 1988. On 26th August 2011 the alert status was raised to level 2 (out of a maximum 4). People were advised to avoid the summit area.

1987-89 Eruptions
A phreatic eruption occurred on 28th December 1987. On 11th January 1988 emissions reached a height of 8000 m accompanied by pyroclastic flows. On 28th December 1988 explosions sent ash to 2000 m above the crater. By the 6th of January 1999 20,000 people evacuated from a 5 km zone around the volcano. A lava plug then appeared in the crater by 11th January.

Further reading
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Ranakah Volcano Eruptions

1991, 1987-89.