Classic Volcano Quotes - John Seach


"This ground is hot enough to cook the Sunday roast!"
John Seach (Volcanologist) just before his boots melted on the hot ground. Lopevi Volcano 2000.

"I have seen so many eruptions in the last 20 years that I don't care if I die tomorrow."
Maurice Krafft (Volcanologist) on the day before he was killed on Unzen Volcano, Japan 1991.

"Most volcanologists die in bed."
Volcanologist Maurice Krafft.

"This is just like Yellowstone."
American tourist at Krakatoa volcano, Indonesia. March 2008

"What time does the volcano erupt?"
Tourist on Mt Etna in 2000.

"Your lung turns to stone" "Merapi is a supervolcano"
Uneducated volcano "expert" on Australian current affairs program 2006

"Is this volcano active?"
Tourist on Mt Etna 2000 after being reprimanded for pitching a tent and sleeping the night at the base of the most dangerous volcanic vent in the world.

"Do I need a flashlight?"
Tourist on Kilauea volcano who was attempting to hike at night.

"No one told us we needed a gas mask"
Tourist visiting remote Ambrym volcano in South West Pacific.

"We'll just look at you. If you looked scared then we'll panic."
Discovery Channel crew comments to Volcanologist John Seach while filming at Yasur Volcano in 2000.

"I don't need a guide..."
Tourist boasting while on Ambrym Volcano 1999. Hours later he was lost!

"Of course we will do another volcano film. I have never been wrong in 10 years."
London film producer days before cancelling film in 2001.

"Do we need to bring a sleeping bag, or will the volcano keep us warm at night?" Documentary producer at Mt Etna in 2000.

"We will be bringing the best, insured cameraman."
Documentary producer discussing the close-up filming of lava in 2003.

"It is other people's fault we are here!"
Film producer who was thrown into prison in while on volcano expedition to Erta Ale in 2001. He had failed to get the necessary permission to enter the area.

"New Zealand is located in a seismic zone and is subject to earthquakes."
Australian government travel warning. Maybe there should be warnings about boxing kangaroos in Australia!

"A US rapid response team is due to arrive in two weeks time with necessary equipment and expertise to determine the nature of the eruption."
This statement was made 2 weeks into the volcanic crisis at Mt Pago in Papua New Guinea, Aug 2002. (ie the team arrived one month after the eruption!)

We can't go's too dangerous!
The producer of a television "extreme adventure" program when given a volcano adventure destination in the Congo (2011). Tourists visits the volcano every day!

We don't pay for work because most people just want to be on tv.
This statement was made by a European tv company to me in 2011. They were surprised that I would expect to be paid for 300 hours work on their tv programme.

Maybe these people should have read Murphy's Laws of Volcanology!