Pulau Weh Volcano - John Seach


Sumatra, Indonesia

5.82 N, 95.28 E
summit elevation 617 m

Pulau Weh Island is located off the NW end of Sumatra in the Andaman Sea. It is the northernmost volcano in Indonesia. Underwater fumaroles are located at a depth of 9 m close to sabang. In the jungle behind Jaboi there is a volcanic cone, and boling mud near Pria Laot.

There are three solfatara fields alinged NW-SE through the summit of the island. The largest field is located 750 m SE of the sumit. Solfatara fields II and III are located on the western shore of the bay Lhok Perialakot 5 km and 11.5 km NW of the summit.

Pulau Weh Volcano Eruptions

Thermal activity currently at volcano.