Prince Edward Island | John Seach


South Africa
South Indian Ocean

46.63 S, 37.95 E
summit elevation 872 m
Shield volcano

The island is located about 2170 km SE of Cape Town, South Africa. The summit is Van Zinderen Bakker Peak.

The island is a remnant of a shield volcano, of which four fifths have subsided below sea level.

Antarctic Circumpolar Current (ACC)

The Island Group is in the path of one of the world's widest current systems, the Antarctic Circumpolar Current (ACC), which flows clockwise around' the Antarctic continent at a surface speed of 0.5-2km/h.

The Island Group has 22 indigenous vascular plant species and 21 alien plant species. There are three seal species on the Island Group - Southern elephant seal, Antarctic fur seal, and sub-Antarctic fur seal. There are no indigenous land mammals on the islands.

The Island Group supports 29 species of breeding birds as well as 22 species of vagrant seabirds and 28 species of non-marine vagrant species.

It is not known whether Prince Edward Island has any perennial watercourses due to the infrequent visits to the island.

Further reading
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Prince Edward Island Eruptions

Possible eruptions in the past 10,000 years.