Piebald Volcano | John Seach


North Queensland, Australia

15.1 S, 145.1 E
summit elevation 417 m (Mt Piebald)
Extinct Lava-field Province

Piebald Volcano is located 40 km north of Cooktown in North Queensland. The volcano consists of two areas. The first is at the head of Starcke River, south of Mt Webb National Park. The second volcanic area is west of Hope Vale.

Hope Vale (Hopevale) is an aboriginal community in eastern Cape York. Mt Piebald is the most recently active cone, and is located 3 km SW of Hope Vale.

A total of 14 vents have been identified at the volcano.

Further Reading
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Piebald Volcano Eruptions

Mt Piebald - 1.2 million years ago.
Bald Hills - 1.6 million years ago.