Peuet Sague Volcano | John Seach


(Peuet Sagoe, Puet sagu, Ampat Sagi, Peuet Sagoee)
Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia

4.92 N, 96.33 E
summit elevation 2780 m

Peuet Sahue volcano is located in Aceh, Indonesia. The active crater is located on SE of Gunung Tutung lava dome. Between 1918 - 1921 the volcano had showed activity at two craters. A lava dome was formed which produced pyroclastic flows.

2000-01 Eruptions
Three explosions occurred at Peuet Sahue volcano on 25-26 December 2000. Ash fell at Geumpang, Lutung, Mane, and Bangke villages 20 km away.cLava flows were visible on 8th January 2001.

1998 Eruptions
Two eruptions were reported at the volcano in 1998. On 27th April, ash was emitted to a height of 3 km.

Further reading
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Peuet Sague Volcano Eruptions

2000-01, 1998, 1918-21