Parinacota Volcano | John Seach



18.17 S, 69.15 W
summit elevation 6348 m

Parinacota Volcano is located in northern Chile near the border with Bolivia. Pomerape (6222 m) is a second stratovolcano located 4 km NE.

Past volcanic activity included explosive eruptions and lava flows.

Chungará Lake (4520 m) was created by an avalanche 8000 years ago. Sediments in the lake record the environmental and climate change in the tropical Andes.

Laguna de Cotacotani (4495 m) is located on SW flank of the volcano.

Futher reading
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Parinacota Volcano Eruptions

290 AD ± 300, 90 AD ± 50, 1100 BC ± 500, 4320 BC ± 1000, 5840 BC ± 50.