Palinuro Volcano - John Seach


Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy

39.48 N, 14.83 E, 
summit elevation -70 m 

Palinuro volcano is located in the Tyrrhenian Sea, 80 km NNW of Stromboli. It is situated on the lower continental slope of Calabria. Palinuro undersea volcano contains a horshoe-shaped sumit caldera.

Palinuro seamount is 55 x 20 km in diameter, elongated east-west and has a height of 1500 m.

The age and petrochemistry of the volcano are similar to those of the Aeolian island arc volcanoes. The summit of Palinuro volcano is associated with a complex magnetic field, which possible indicates structural inhomogeneities.

Palinuro Volcano Eruptions

8040 BC