Pagan Volcano - John Seach


Mariana Islands

18.13 N, 145.80 E
summit elevation 570 m

Pagan volcano is located 173 nautical miles north of Saipan.
The island contains two stratovolcanoes connected by a narrow isthmus.

2012 Activity
Ash emissions occurred at Pagan volcano on 10th July 2012. A plume was observed 50 km NW.

2011 Activity
Small ash emissions occurred at Pagan volcano at the end of August 2011.

2010 Activity
Ash emissions occurred at Pagan volcano on 6th May 2010. The aviation alert level was raised from green to yellow.

2009 Activity
A small eruption possibly occurred at Pagan volcano in the Mariana Islands, at 4:00 am on 15th August 2009. Volcanic ash moved NW and was preceded by hotspot activity for 2 hours.
Pagan volcano erupted black ash and steam on 16th April 2009. The Aviation Color Code for Pagan volcano was raised to Yellow. There are no monitoring instruments installed on Pagan. Monitoring is by satellite and ground observers.

2006 Eruption
In December 2006 ashfall was reported up to a centimeter per day accumulating 3 km SW of the summit, and a plume rising about 60 m above the vent. On 7th December a plume was visible extending 300 km west of the volcano.

1993 Eruptions
Intermittent ash eruptions occurred at the volcano during January to March 1993. On 15th March the volcano was declared off limits due to ongoinf eruptions.

1992 Eruptions
A small ash eruption occurred on 13th April 1992.

1983 Eruption
The 1983 eruption of North Pagan volcano was the largest recorded for the island
and sent a Plinian column to 18 km elevation. The island was evacuated.

Pagan Volcano Eruptions

2009-2012, 2006, 1992-93,1987-88, 1981-85, ?1929-30