Ontake Volcano | John Seach


Honshu, Japan

35.90 N, 137.48 E
summit elevation 3063 m
complex volcano

Ontake is the second highest volcano in Japan. It is located in the Norikura Volcanic Chain of central Japan. It is close to the junction of the Izu–Bonin and Mariana and
Southwestern Japan volcanic arcs. Ontake volcano has been considered a holy mountain since 1792.

2014 Eruption
An eruption of Ontake volcano on 27 September 2014 caused up to 48 fatalities.

1979 Eruption
Around 5:00 on 28 October, 1979 an eruption occurred at a fissure on the southwestern slope of the main peak, Kengamine.
Ashfall was observed in Maebashi City 150 km away.
A 30 m diameter crater was formed, and nine small craters in a line NW-SE.

Further Reading
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Ontake Volcano Eruptions

2014, 1979-80, 774 AD