Olkaria Volcano | John Seach



0.904 S, 36.292 E
summit elevation 2434 m
Pumice cones

Olkaria volcano is located south of Lake Naivasha.
Fumarolic activity is present at Njorowa Gorge and two pumice cones.

The Olkaria volcanic complex is comprised of at least 80 volcanic
centres. The centres occur as either steepsided domes, formed of lava and pyroclastics, or as thick lava flows.

Olkaria volcano photos by John Seach

olkaria volcano kenya
Hells Gate National Park, Kenya

hells gate national park kenya
Hells Gate National Park, Kenya

olkaria volcano, kenya
Hells Gate National Park

Olkaria Volcano, Kenya rift valley

Giraffe at Hells Gate National Park

Hells gate kenya
Hells Gate, Kenya

hells gate kenya
Zebras at Hells Gate, Kenya

Plains Zebra and Olkaria Volcano

kenya wildlife

lake naivasha kenya
Dangers in Lake Naivasha on northern edge of Olkaria volcano

A geothermal project is located at the volcano. Geothermal activity at the volcano includes fumaroles and hot altered ground.

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Olkaria Volcano Eruptions