Nulla Volcano - John Seach


North Queensland, Australia

19.7 S, 145.3 E
Lava-field Province
Extinct volcano

Nulla volcano is located 165 km southwest of Townsville in North Queensland, on the eastern flank of the Great Dividing Range. The volcano covers an area of 7500 sq km. Most of the 46 identified vents produced lava which flowed north east towards Burdekin Valley.

The most recent eruptions from Toomba vent produced lava flows which extended 120 km.

Further Reading
Pillans, B., 1997. Soil development at snail's pace: evidence from a 6 Ma soil chronosequence on basalt in north Queensland, Australia. Geoderma80(1-2), pp.117-128.

Nulla Volcano Eruptions

13,000 years ago (Toomba Volcano).