North Vate Volcano | John Seach


Efate Island, Vanuatu

17.45 S, 168.33 E
summit elevation 594 m

North Vate volcano is offshore of northern Efate. Its exposed rim is defined by the islands of Nguna, Pele, and Emao.

Geology of Nguna Island
The Island of Nguna is fored by four eruption centres aligned NNW-SSE direction. The volcanic cenbtres are Na Ora Matua, Taputora, Marao, and Aroon. The offshore islands from Efate are dirrerend from the mainland because they lack clinopyroxene phenocrysts.

2014 Earthquake
A magnitude 5.0 earthquake occurred at North Vate Volcano on 26th January 2014. The earthquake had a focus of 21 km.

emao island vanuatu
Emao Island, on the rim of North Vate volcano caldera. 2007

emao island vanuatu
western edge of Emao Island, Vanuatu

Further reading
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North Vate Volcano Eruptions

Eruptions may have occurred in the past 10,000 years.