Nila Volcano | John Seach


(Laworkawra, Kokon)
Nila Island, Banda Sea, Indonesia

6.73 S, 129.50 E
summit elevation 781 m

Nila is a stratovolcano in the Banda Sea, Indonesia. The main cone of Nila is surrounded by an old crater rim, which remains partly intact. Solfatara are located on the SE flank of the cone. There is a deep erosion gully on the SW side. A submarine crater is found north of Nila and west of Nika Island. Bubble escape from vents at a depth of 20-30 m.

2012 Earthquake
A magnitude 7.1 earthquake hit 33 km NE of Serua volcano on 11th December 2012. The earthquake was felt in northern Australia.

1968 Eruption
A phreatic eruption occurred on 7th May from the east flank.

1932 Eruption
The eruption of Nila volcano on 13th March 1932 was magmatic. Eleven new vents were observed on 14th March. The heaviest ashfall occurred at Roemadai village.

1903 Eruption
On 4th December 1903 severe shocks were felt at Banda Island. An increase in activity was recorded at Nila on 8th December. The eruption was considered phreatic.

Further reading
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Nila Volcano Eruptions

1968, 1964, 1932, 1903.