Archived Volcano News - John Seach
February 2007


News reports posted in Eastern Australian Time (UT + 10 hr)
Reports written by John Seach

Stromboli Volcano (Italy)
38.79 N, 15.21 E, summit elevation 926 m stratovolcano
Wednesday 28th February 2007
Lava has begun flowing down the west flank of Stromboli volcano in Italy. Residents have been advised to stay from the lava which has traveled about 1 km to the sea. In 2002 an eruption at the volcano created a 10 high tsunami.
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Huila Volcano (Colombia)
2.92 N, 76.05 W, summit elevation 5365 m, stratovolcano
Tuesday 20th February 2007
Two explosive eruptions occurred at Huila Volcano in Colombia at 08:30 and 08:53, local time on 19th February. Ash reached 600 m above the crater. This is the first eruption at the volcano in 452 years.
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Kliuchevskoi Volcano (Russia)
56.06 N, 160.64 E, summit elevation 4835 m, stratovolcano
Friday 16th February 2007
Kliuchevskoi Volcano in the Russian far east has erupted. A glow was observed at the crater and ash emissions have reached 35 km SW of the volcano. 
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White Island Volcano (New Zealand)
37.52 S, 177.78 E, summit elevation 321 m, stratovolcano
Thursday 15th February 2007
Crater lake temperature has risen to 74 deg C at White Island Volcano in New Zealand. This is the highest ever recorded lake temperature, and has resulted in evaporation and a 6 m drop in water level. Steam plumes are visible at the island. Sulphur dioxide emissions have risen from 300 to approximately 500 tonnes per day. The alert level at the volcano remains at 1 (out of a maximum 5).
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Rabaul Volcano (Papua New Guinea)
4.271 S, 152.203 E, summit elevation 688 m, Caldera
Thursday 15th February 2007
Mild eruptive activity continues at Tavurvur crater, Rabaul Volcano in Papua New Guinea. Residents have been warned to stay clear of the crater due to ongoing eruptions. Ground deformation resumed on 8th February. Last week there was an explosion accompanied by an air wave.
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Kilauea Volcano (Hawaii)
19.425 N, 155.292 W,, summit elevation 1222 m, Shield volcano
Thursday 8th February 2007
Lava continues to enter the sea at three locations at Kilauea volcano in Hawaii. The PKK lava tube enters the sea at East Lae`apuki, and the Campout lava tube reaches the sea t two locations, East Ka`ili`ili and Kamokuna. 
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Rabaul Volcano (Papua New Guinea)
4.271 S, 152.203 E, summit elevation 688 m, Caldera
Friday 2nd February 2007
Ash emissions were observed at Rabaul Volcano in Papua New Guinea on Thursday 1st February. The ash plume reached 1000 m above the summit, but was not visible on satellite images. The last large eruption of Rabaul volcano was in October 2006.
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