Archived Volcano News - John Seach
December 2006


News reports posted in Eastern Australian Time (UT + 10 hr)
Reports written by John Seach

Bulusan Volcano (Philippines)
12.77 N, 124.05 E, summit elevation 1565 m, stratovolcano
Thursday 21st December 2006
Bulusan volcano erupted ash yesterday. Seismometers recorded an explosion earthquake that lasted about 20 minutes. Ash deposits ranging from 4.0 mm to 1.0 mm were observed in Barangays Monbon, Buenavista, Salvacion, Casini, Liyang, Patag, Santo Domingo, Tulay and Poblacion in Irosin. Traces of ashfall deposits were also observed at Trece and Gate in Bulan town. Residents near river/stream channels were advised to be on alert against lahars. 
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Kilauea Volcano (Hawaii)
19.425 N, 155.292 W,, summit elevation 1222 m, Shield volcano
Monday 18th December 2006
A three year inflation of Kilauea volcano appears to be over. Instruments have showed that inflation of the east and SW rift zones ceased in October. This may indicate the supply of magma to the volcano may have leveled off. The swelling at the summit and rift zones stopped about a week before the October 15 earthquake which hit the west side of the Big Island. There is no evidence that the two events are related. Since the volcano began the current eruptions in 1983 there has only been three periods of inflation. Inflation began shortly before the eruption shifted from Pu'u 'O'o vent to Kupaianaha in 1986, and again before the eruption shifted back to Pu'u 'O'o in 1992. In April this year, inflation was measured at southwest rift zone which has not been active since 1974. Kilauea volcano continues to erupt from Pu`u `O`o vent on the East Rift Zone, and lava is flowing through PKK and Campout lava tubes to the coast where it enters the sea at East Ka`ili`ili and East Lae`apuki ocean entries.
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Soputan Volcano (Indonesia)
1.11 N, 124.73 E, summit elevation 1784 m, stratovolcano
Saturday 16th December 2006
Soputan volcano in Indonesia has been raised to level 3 alert (maximum 4) after an increase in volcanic earthquakes and ash emissions. A 6 km exclusion zone has been placed around the volcano.
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Ruapehu Volcano (New Zealand)
39.28 S, 175.57 E, summit elevation 2779 m, stratovolcano
Wednesday 13th December 2006
A helicopter crashed into the crater lake at the summit of Mt Ruapehu volcano about 1730 hr last night. The helicopter crashed soon after take-off, hitting the side of the crater and falling into the water. Five occupants climbed out of the water on to a ledge between the lake and an ice wall. The pilot raised the alarm after walking down the mountain toward Whakapapa skifield. A hydrothermal eruption occurred at the crater lake in October this year.
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Rabaul Volcano (Papua New Guinea)
4.271 S, 152.203 E, summit elevation 688 m, Caldera
Sunday 10th December 2006
Ash emissions continue at Rabaul volcano. Yesterday, a plume was visible on satellite images to a height of 13,000 ft. Ongoing activity follows a large eruption at the volcano in October this year.
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Pagan Volcano (Mariana Islands)
18.13 N, 145.80 E, summit elevation 570 m, stratovolcano
Saturday 9th December 2006
Low level ash emissions have been observed at Pagan volcano in northern Mariana Islands. Yesterday, ash emissions reached 8000 ft altitude and drifted 60 nautical miles from the volcano.
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Sheveluch Volcano (Russia)
56.653 N, 161.360 E, summit elevation 3283 m, stratovolcano
Thursday 7th December 2006
Seismic activity was recorded for 30 minutes at Sheveluch volcano on Tuesday. This was followed by ash emission from the crater and an avalanche down Baidarnaya River. The ash plume reached an altitude of 6 km and drifted 100 km north of the volcano. The nearest town is Klyuchi, located 50 km from the volcano. 
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Mayon Volcano (Philippines)
13.257 N, 123.685 E, summit elevation 2462 m, stratovolcano
Saturday 2nd December 2006
Many people have been killed around Mayon volcano after heavy rain from typhoon Durian caused landslides and floods. Eruptions of Mayon volcano in August 2006 deposited large amounts of ash around the volcano. In Guinobatan, SW of the volcano 350 people were killed by volcanic mudflows. In Sto. Domingo, SE of Mayon, at least 112 died from landslides while some 118 residents remained missing. Eight villages at the foot of Mayon Volcano have been affected by mudslides and flash floods. Padang on the SE of Mayon was two-thirds covered by volcanic debris and boulders. Only the roofs of houses can be seen in the village. Locals say it has become a wasteland, and they call it a black desert, referring to the color of the volcanic debris that buried the village. The combination of volcanic eruption and typhoon initiated lahars was seen after the eruption of Pinatubo, Philippines in 1991.
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Nyamuragira Volcano (Democratic Republic of Congo)
1.408 S, 29.20 E, summit elevation 3058 m, shield volcano
Friday 1st December 2006
An overflight of Nyamuragira volcano showed lava fountaining from a fissure tens of metres in length. The lava fountain was accompanied by gas and cinder emissions. A lava flow has traveled 10 km towards the Goma-Sake road.
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