Archived Volcano News - John Seach
April 2006


News reports posted in Eastern Australian Time (UT + 10 hr)
Reports written by John Seach

Ambae Volcano (Vanuatu)
15.38 S, 167.83 E, summit elevation 1496 m, Shield Volcano
Sunday 30th April 2006
A large earthquake hit near Ambae volcano on Sunday, April 30, 2006 at 7:17 pm, local time. The magnitude 6.0 earthquake had an epicentre 50 km NW of Ambae Island at a depth of 151 km. Summit eruptions occurred at Ambae volcano in December 2005.
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San Cristobal Volcano (Nicaragua)
12.70 N, 87.00 W, summit elevation 1745 m, stratovolcano
Tuesday 25th April 2006
San Cristobal volcano in Nicaragua has begun erupting. Moderate crater explosions have sent ash 25 km from the volcano. Small eruptions have been increasing since Friday. Between 30,000 and 50,000 people live around the volcano.
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Ebeko Volcano (Russia)
50.68 N, 156.02 E, summit elevation 1156 m, somma volcano
Monday 24th April 2006
Ebeko volcano in Russia has begun emitting vapour and gas according to reports from a weather station in Severo-Kurilsk, a town 7 km away.The volcano began emitting vapour and gas in February but calmed down in March. 
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Merapi Volcano (Indonesia)
7.54 S, 110.44 E,, summit elevation, 2911 m, Stratovolcano
Saturday 22nd April 2006
Merapi volcano in Indonesia remains restless, with an eruption expected within two weeks. Visual observations show white emissions rising 150 m above the summit lava dome. Volcanic earthquakes and landslides are being recorded on seismometers. An evacuation has begun from areas surrounding the volcano, with 700 people departing for safer areas. 
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Pacaya Volcano (Guatemala)
14.38 N, 90.60 W, summit elevation 2552 m, complex volcano
Thursday 20th April 2006
An active lava flow 250 m in length is visible at Pacaya volcano in Guatemala, accompanied by hundreds of small earthquakes.
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Lascar Volcano (Chile)
23.37 S, 67.73 W, summit elevation 5592 m, stratovolcano
Thursday 20th April 2006
Three eruptions have been recorded at Lascar volcano in Chile. On 18th April, eruptions occurred at 1120 hr (local time), and 1315 hr. Another eruption began on 19th April at 1315 hr and lasted 75 minutes.
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Ubinas Volcano (Peru)
16.35 S, 70.9 W, summit elevation 5672 m, stratovolcano
Thursday 20th April 2006
Ash emissions from Ubinas volcano in Peru has affected five towns that are within a 10 km radius, causing respiratory problems for 1000 people. 
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Merapi Volcano (Indonesia)
7.54 S, 110.44 E,, summit elevation, 2911 m, Stratovolcano
Tuesday 18th April 2006
Merapi volcano has shown increased activity since March 2006. Seismic activity remains high. Deformation of the volcano continues at a rate of 6.3 cm per day in the south slope. More than 150 volcanic earthquakes have been recorded per day. The public has been told to prepare for an eruption. An 8 km exclusion zone has been declared around the volcano.
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Galeras Volcano (Colombia)
1.22 N, 77.37 W, summit elevation 4276 m, complex volcano
Saturday 8th April 2006
Increased seismicity at Galeras volcano has led the Colombian Institute of Geology and Mining (INGEOMINAS) to increase the alert status to Level II. Aerial observations have confirmed the main crater is capped with solidified lava, and that gas and ash emissions are taking place in small quantity. Steam emissions are visible 500 m above the volcano. This type of activity has historically preceded volcanic eruptions. The National Director of INGEOMINAS has declared that the situation as "extremely critical". Several communities around the volcano are at high risk in Pasto, Nariño and La Florida. The Government has activated its National Operations Committee and reactivated the order to evacuate high-risk areas. Civil Defense has declared an Orange Alert for Pasto, a town of 5300 people. During the week of 20-27 March 710 earthquakes were registered at the volcano, compared to 527 this week. 
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Ubinas Volcano (Peru)
16.35 S, 70.9 W, summit elevation 5672 m, stratovolcano
Friday 7th April 2006
Ubinas volcano erupted on 5th April. Ash was reported to 20,000 ft elevation. The eruption was preceded by an increase in fumarolic activity at the end of March. This is the first eruption at Ubinas volcano since 1969.
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Raoul Volcano (Kermadec Islands)
29.27 S, 177.92 W, summit elevation 516 m, stratovolcano
Wednesday 5th April 2006
Volcanic activity has declined at Raoul Island. Water level is rising in Green Lake, but it has not overflowed the crater. A magnitude 6.5 earthquake occurred 100 km east of Raoul Island on 1st April. This was followed by 18 tectonic earthquakes greater than magnitude 4.5 over the next 3 days.
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Soufriere Hills Volcano (Montserrat)
16.72 N, 62.18 W, summit elevation 915 m, stratovolcano
Wednesday 5th April 2006
The third episode of lava dome growth at Soufriere Hills has been occurring for 8 months. Dome height is 250m. Lava extrusion rate is currently two cubic metres per second. The risk of a lava dome collapse is higher than six months ago.
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Barren Island Volcano (India)
12.29 N, 93.87 E, summit elevation 305 m, stratovolcano
Wednesday 5th April 2006
Ash eruptions continue at Barren Island. On 5th April ash reached an elevation of 15,000 ft.
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Ol Doinyo Lengai Volcano (Tanzania)
2.751 S, 35.902 E, summit elevation 2890 m, Stratovolcano
Saturday 1st April 2006
A report has been received about an eruption of Ol Doinyo Lengai volcano in Tanzania. An estimated 3,000 people from Nayobi, Magadini, Engaruka, Malambo, Ngaresero, Gelai Bomba and Kitumbeine villages left their homes after the eruption on Thursday. The eruption destroyed vegetation and polluted water sources. 
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