Archived Volcano News - John Seach
November 2005


News reports posted in Eastern Australian Time (UT + 10 hr)
Reports written by John Seach

Piton de la Fournaise Volcano (Reunion)
21.22 S, 55.71 E, summit elevation 2631 m, shield volcano
Wednesday 30th November 2005
A seismic crisis occurred at Piton de la Fournaise volcano today at 0600 hr (local time). This was followed by opening of a fissure on the north flank at 2370 m elevation. The fissure stopped emitting lava at 0930 hr.
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Taal Volcano (Philippines)
14.002 N, 120.993 E, summit elevation 400 m, stratovolcano
Wednesday 30th November 2005
Taal Volcano has been raised to level 1 alert, after a series of volcanic earthquakes. People are forbidden to enter the main crater due to the possibility of explosion, and poisonous gas emissions. 
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Karthala Volcano (Comoros)
11.75 S, 43.38 E, summit elevation 2361 m, shield volcano
Tuesday 29th November 2005
A lava lake has formed in the summit crater at Karthala volcano. Contamination of tank water supplies by volcanic fallout may have affected up to 118,000 people in 75 villages. Agriculture and livestock may also be affected by the eruption.
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Karthala Volcano (Comoros)
11.75 S, 43.38 E, summit elevation 2361 m, shield volcano
Friday 25th November 2005
Karthala volcano erupted on Thursday 24th November depositing ash on the capital Moroni. A number of villagers who live close to Karthala fled on foot and by car.
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Galeras Volcano (Colombia)
1.22 N, 77.37 W, summit elevation 4276 m, complex volcano
Friday 25th November 2005
Galeras volcano erupted on 24 November 2005, at 2:46 AM local time, affecting the areas Fontibon, San Cayetano, Postobon and Norte de Pasto. The National Disaster Preparedness and Response System has ordered the immediate evacuation of about 9,000 people living on the slopes of Galeras volcano. 
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Papua New Guinea Earthquake (Mag 6.2)
Sunday 6th November 2005
A large earthquake has hit the Bismarck Sea region of Papua New Guinea. The earthquake measured 6.2 on the richter scale, with an epicentre at the contact between the north and south Bismarck plates, 155 km SSE of Lorengau, Manus Island. There are several active volcanoes in the region including Garbuna, Langila, and Pago. Travel to the rare eruption of Garbuna Volcano in Papua New Guinea with Volcanologist John Seach. Trip departs 12th November.
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Garbuna Volcano (Papua New Guinea)
5.45 S, 150.03 E, summit elevaton 564 m, stratovolcanoes
Wednesday 2nd November 2005
Residents around Garbuna volcano have been advised to prepare for possible evacuation. Garbuna volcano erupted last week after being dormant for 1700 years. A seismometer installed near the volcano has indicated ongoing volcanic earthquakes. The provincial disaster committee has identified possible sites for care centres. Drinking water has been supplied to the affected villages of Garu, Kambili, Nave, Walindi and Kilu. 
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Lopevi Volcano (Vanuatu)
16.50 S, 168.34 E, summit elevation 1413 m, Stratovolcano
Tuesday 1st November 2005
An eruption of Lopevi volcano in Vanuatu was recorded on 27th October. The activity was visible on a satellite image. No reports have been received from the ground. There have been no reports of ash, and the activity may have been a lava flow or confined deep inside one of the craters. Lopevi volcano was previously active in March 2005.
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