Archived Volcano News - John Seach
August 2005


News reports posted in Eastern Australian Time (UT + 10 hr)
Reports written by John Seach

Kelut Volcano (Indonesia)
7.93 S, 112.31 E, summit elevation 1731 m, stratovolcano
Saturday 27th August 2005
An unconfirmed report has been received about an eruption of Kelut volcano in Indonesia. At 10:19 am local time today, a pilot reported an eruption plume rising to 5000 ft drifting west. Volcano eruption reports from pilots are often incorrect. No ash is visible on satellite images. Further information will be posted when available.
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Vanuatu Earthquake (Magnitude 5.5)
Saturday 27th August 2005
A medium sized earthquake has hit about 18 km S of Gaua Volcano in Vanuatu. The earthquake was measured at magnitude 5.5 and located at a depth of 33km. Gaua volcano has been hit by a number of earthquakes in 2005, and is considered a potential eruption risk. The last major eruption of Gaua was in 1965 when the island was evacuated.
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Kilauea Volcano (Hawaii)
19.425 N, 155.292 W,, summit elevation 1222 m, Shield volcano
Saturday 27th August 2005
Spectacular lava flows continue at Kilauea volcano in Hawaii. The current eruption, which began in 1983,  is the largest on the east rift zone of the volcano in 500 years. Lava is flowing across the coastal flat, and entering the sea in two locations.
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Barren Island Volcano (India)
12.29 N, 93.87 E, summit elevation 305 m, stratovolcano
Thursday 18th August 2005
Eruptions continue at Barren Island volcano in India. A plume is visible to 10,000 ft from aircraft, but is not visble on satellite images.
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Soufriere Hills Volcano (Montserrat)
16.72 N, 62.18 W, summit elevation 915 m, stratovolcano
Thursday 18th August 2005
Continuous ash venting is occurring at Soufriere Hills volcano on Montserrat. Satellite images show an ash plume 90 nautical miles west of the volcano.
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Volcanoes in the Mariana Islands
Thursday 18th August 2005
Four volcanoes in the Mariana Islands are being kept under watch. Anatahan volcano is in a constant state of eruption. Long period earthquakes are occurring at the volcano. On Monday, ash emmissions reached 15,000 ft and drifted 83 miles SE of the volcano. A seismic swarm continues at Sarigan volcano, where 630 earthquakes have been recorded in a week. On Saturday 13th August a magnitude 5.8 earthquake hit Maug Island volcano. The Emergency Management Office of the Commonwealth of the Mariana Islands states ongoing activity at Pagan volcano, but the type of activity is not stated.
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Bagana Volcano (Papua New Guinea)
6.14 S, 155.19 E, summit elevation 1750 m, lava cone
Saturday 13th August 2005
An ash plume was observed at Bagana volcano in Papua New Guinea on Friday 12th August. Ash reached 10,000 ft elevation and drifted 20 nautical miles SW of the volcano.
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Pagan Volcano (Mariana Islands)
18.13 N, 145.80 E, summit elevation 570 m, stratovolcanoes
Saturday 13th August 2005
Earthquake swarms have been recorded at Pagan volcano in the Mariana Islands. Earthquakes have been measured at a rate of 30 per hour. At 8pm on Thursday there was a magnitude 4.5 earthquake located 65 miles NNW of Pagan.
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Soufriere Hills Volcano (Montserrat)
16.72 N, 62.18 W, summit elevation 915 m,stratovolcano
Friday 12th August 2005
Continuous ash emissions are visible on satellite photos of Soufriere Hills volcano on Montserrat. Ash extended 165 nautical miles NW of the volcano. 
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McDonald Islands Volcano (Australia)
53.03 S, 72.60 E, summit elevation 212 m, complex volcano
Thursday 11th August 2005
There are reports that McDonald Islands volcano in the Southern Indian Ocean has erupted. A satellite photo dated 12th July has shown a hotspot over the the volcano. Between 1980 and 2001 the island doubled its size due to volcanic activity. McDonald Islands volcano is located 4100 kms southwest of Western Australia, and is only one of two active Australian volcanoes.
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Vanuatu Earthquakes (Magnitude 6.1)
Wednesday 10th August 2005
Two large earthquakes have hit the Hunter Fracture Zone, SE of Vanuatu. The two earthquakes were magnitude 6.1. The first hit on Tuesday, August 9, 2005 at 5:26 PM, and the second on Wednesday, August 10, 2005 at 2:12 AM, local time. The Hunter Fracture Zone extends in a E-W direction, between Southern Vanuatu and Fiji. The closest active volcanoes are Hunter, and Yasur in Vanuatu.
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Papua New Guinea Volcanoes
Saturday 6th August 2005
Eruptions continue at five volcanoes in Papua New Guinea. Bagana, Rabaul, Ulawun, Langila, and Manam volcanoes are erupting. Australia is providing an additional AU$170,000 to assist people affected by the eruptions of Manam and Langila volcanoes. This brings the total relief assistance to AU$1.3 million.
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Concepcion Volcano (Nicaragua)
11.53 N, 85.62 W, summit elevation 1700 m, stratovolcano
Thursday 4th August 2005
Concepcion Volcano erupted in Nicaragua on the morning of 28th July. Ash fell on surrounding towns. A large earthquake (Magnitude 6.3) hit about 20 km SE of the volcano on Wednesday, August 3, 2005 at 5:03 am.
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