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June 2005


News reports posted in Eastern Australian Time (UT + 10 hr)
Reports written by John Seach

Rabaul Volcano (Papua New Guinea)
4.271 S, 152.203 E, summit elevation 688 m, Caldera
Monday 27th June 2005
Eruptions continue at Rabaul Volcano in Papua New Guinea. An aviation report indicated an eruption plume 20 nautical miles NW of the volcano on Sunday.
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Ebeko Volcano (Russia)
50.68 N, 156.02 E, summit elevation 1156 m, somma volcano
Monday 27th June 2005
Ebeko Volcano in the northern Kurile Islands of Russia has become active. Vapour and gas emissions were been registered early Monday morning. Ebeko is currently the most dangerous volcano in the Kurile Islands, but is not presently a threat to the town of Severo-Kurilsk, located 7km from the volcano.
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Soufriere Hills Volcano (Montserrat)
16.72 N, 62.18 W, summit elevation 915 m, stratovolcano
Sunday 26th June 2005
Continuous ash and gas emissions are occurring at Soufriere Hills volcano on Montserrat. This is the highest level of activity reported at Montserrat this year.
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Langila Volcano (Papua New Guinea)
5.53 S, 148.42 E, summit elevation 1330 m, Complex volcano
Thursday 23rd June 2005
Volcanic eruptions at Langila volcano in Papua New Guinea have forced the evacuation of some people in villages from Kilenge to Glouster Station. Food supplies and water have been affected by the eruption. Relief supplies of water containers and tents have started to arrive in the area. The current eruption at Langila began in April 2005.
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Papandayan Volcano (Indonesia)
7.32 S, 107.73 E, summit elevation 2665 m, stratovolcano
Wednesday 22nd June 2005
Papandayan volcano has been raised to alert level 2 (out of 4). There has been an increase in volcanic earthquakes since early June 2005. Sulfatara and lake temperatures have increased by 3-9 deg C. People are forbidden to visit Kawah Mas and Kawah Baru, active vents at the volcano.
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Ulawun Volcano (Papua New Guinea)
5.04 S, 151.34 E, summit elevation 2334 m, stratovolcano
Tuesday 21st June 2005
A fifth volcano is erupting in Papua New Guinea. An eruption plume was visible extending 60 nautical miles W of Ulawun volcano on Tuesday 21st June. Papua New Guinea has the largest number of active volcanoes in Melanesia.
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Yasur Volcano (Vanuatu)
19.52 S, 169.42 E, summit elevation 405 m, Stratovolcano
Tuesday 21st June 2005
Yasur volcano in Vanuatu continues its impressive eruptions. Visual observations by John Seach last week showed Strombolian and mild Vulcanian eruptions at the summit crater. Visit the current eruption of Yasur with volcanologist John Seach. Next tour departs 16th July.
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Papua New Guinea Volcanoes
Monday 20th June 2005
Four volcanoes are currently erupting in Papua New Guinea. Manam, Rabaul, Bagana, and Langila volcanoes have been erupting over the past 2 weeks. Manam volcano was the site of the world's largest eruptions in 2004 and 2005. 
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Anatahan Volcano (Mariana Islands)
16.35 N, 145.67 E, summit elevation 788 m, Stratovolcano
Monday 20th June 2005
Anatahan volcano erupted on Sunday, ejecting ash to 50,000 ft elevation. This is the equal largest eruption of the volcano. Aircraft have been warned to stay at least 10 nautical miles from the volcano, and advised that volcanic activity can increase without warning. 
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Sarigan Volcano (Mariana Islands)
16.708 N, 145.78 E, summit elevation 538 m
Monday 20th June 2005
A swarm of volcano-tectonic earthquakes has occurred at Sarigan volcano in the Mariana Islands. Sarigan volcano has no known eruptions, and is the next island north of Anatahan volcano, with its first recorded eruption in 2003. The earthquake swarm may precede an eruption at the volcano.
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Long Island Volcano - (Papua New Guinea)
5.358S, 147.12E, summit elevation 1280 m, complex volcano
Sunday 5th June 2005
A large earthquake hit 100 km SSW of Long Island volcano in Papua New Guinea. The magnitude 6.0 earthquake hit early Sunday morning and was located 50 km NNW of Lae, Papua New Guinea's second largest city. Long Island volcano last erupted in 1993. One of the largest historical eruptions in Papua New Guinea history occurred at Long Island 300 years ago. 
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Ambrym Volcano (Vanuatu)
16.25 S, 168.12 E, summit elevation 1334 m, Pyroclastic Shield Volcano
Friday 3rd June 2005
Acid rain continues to affect Ambrym Island in Vanuatu. New sources of drinking water need to be found for the residents. The provincial government is considering a project to drill for ground water. The National Disaster Management Office detailed the extent of damage on the island in a report published in March this year. The recommendation was to declare west Ambrym a disaster area. A small amount of food aid has reached Ambrym, but the volcanic induced famine remains. A relief effort will need to be in place for a considerable period of time. An evacuation and resettlement plan is being developed for the island, and may need to be implemented if the eruptions continue. Traditional knowledge has kept people alive over the past year, and has been identified as a key to dealing with disasters in developing countries. Ambrym is one of the world's most active volcanoes and has been in a regular state of eruption over the past two hundred years. The past year has seen a more destructive type of eruption which has destroyed most of the food crops on the island.
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Barren Island Volcano (India)
12.29 N, 93.87 E, summit elevation 305 m, stratovolcano
Friday 3rd June 2005
Eruptions have intensified at Barren Island volcano in India. After three days of low activity, the volcano began emitting larger amounts of ash and lava this morning. A Coast Guard ship approached the island with a group of journalists and noted the new eruptions. Barren Island volcano began erupting on 28 May after being inactive for 10 years.
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Vanuatu Volcanoes (SW Pacific)
15.38 S, 167.83 E,, summit elevation 1496 m, Shield Volcano
Wednesday 1st June 2005
A medium earthquake (mag 5.6) hit Ambae volcano in Vanuatu on Wednesday 1st June. Ambae volcano was last active in 1995 when there was phreatic eruptions throught a crater lake. People living in the north to the western side of Ambae Island reported smelling sulphuric fumes after an earthquake on February 16, 2005. The earthquake was also close to Ambrym Volcano, which has shown destructive eruptions over the past year. Gaua volcano has been placed on watch following a large earthquake in January which may have disrupted the magmatic system.
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Barren Island Volcano (India)
12.29 N, 93.87 E, summit elevation 305 m, stratovolcano
Wednesday 1st June 2005
Heavy rain has prevented a survey of Barren Island volcano, which erupted this week. Barren Island is located 140 km NE of Port Blair in the Andaman Islands. Coast guard observations indicate brown ash is emitting from a crater which has been inactive for hundreds of years. The current eruption was first captured on satellite images on 26th May at 1610 hr (UT). The volcano last erupted in 1995.
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