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May 2002


News reports posted in Eastern Australian Time (UT + 10 hr)
Reports written by John Seach

Kilauea Volcano (Hawaii)
19.425 N, 155.292 W, summit elevation 1222 m, Shield volcano
Wednesday 8th May 2002
Lava is pouring over Pulama pali near Royal Gardens subdivision and flowing slowly eastward along the base of the pali. Single trees are bursting into flame in the kipuka in Royal Gardens, at the base of the pali. Three short stretches of incandescence are visible in the last 700 m of the flow before it plunges down the pali. Glow from 1.2 km and 2.2 km upstream from the pali indicates surface lava there, too, though most of the flow is now crusted over.
Friday 3rd May 2002
Eruptive activity of Kilauea Volcano continued unabated and effusively at the Pu`u `O`o vent during the past week. Lava erupted intermittently from several vents in the crater of Pu`u `O`o as well as from Puka Nui, a small crater at the southwest base of the cone. The bright glow over the "rootless" shield area diminished slightly during the past week. No surface flows were observed on Pulama pali or on the fan at the base of the pali. There are no ocean entries of lava.
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