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Sunday 28th February 2010
Great Chile Earthquake (magnitude 8.8)

The Great earthquake in Chile has produced numerous aftershocks along a 600 km line from Santiago to Temuco. There are 21 active volcanoes close to the earthquake epicentres. It is possible that volcanic activity may increase in the area as a result of the earthquakes. A small tsunami (0.2 m) reached the east coast of Australia 19.5 hours after the Great Chile earthquake. The wave traveled 11,000 km.
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Sunday 28th February 2010
Great Chile Earthquake (magnitude 8.8)

Measured tsunami heights and arrival times (27th Feb, UT):
Talcahuano, Chile 2.9 m, 06:53 hr (UT).
Easter Island 0.35 m, 12:05 hr.
Papeete, Tahiti 0.16 m, 18:10 hr.
Rarotonga, Cook Islands 0.15 m, 19:18 hr.
San Diego, USA, 0.13, 20:36 hr.
Kahului, Maui, 0.98 m, 21:47 hr.
Port Vila, Vanuatu, 0.4 m, 22:46 hr.
Norfolk Island, Australia, 0.4 m, 23:00 hr.
Gold Coast, Australia, 0.2 m, 02:00 hr (28th Feb UT).
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Saturday 27th February 2010
Great Chile Earthquake (magnitude 8.8)

A great earthquake (magnitude 8.8) hit off the coast of Chile, at 3:34 am on Saturday 27th February 2010. A Tsunami warning was issued for the coast of Chile, Peru, east coast of Australia, and some Pacific Islands. A tsunami watch was issued for Ecuador, Colombia, Antarctica, Panama and Costa Rica. Sea level reading indicated a tsunami was generated and hit the coast of Chile with a height of 1.3 m. Large earthquakes sometimes cause nearby volcanoes to erupt. Volcanoes within 200 km radius of the earthquake epicentre include: Nevados de Chillan, Resago, Lomas Blancas, Nevado de Longavi, Laguna del Maule, San Pedro-Pellado, Cerro Azul, Descabezado Grande, Calabozos, and Planchon-Peteroa.
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Saturday 27th February 2010
Japan Earthquake (magnitude 7.3)

A major earthquake (magnitude 7.3) hit the Ryukyu Islands, south of Japan, on Saturday 27th February at 5:31 am local time. The earthquake triggered a local tsunami warning for areas within 100 km of the epicentre. The closest volcano to the earthquake epicentre is Tori-shima 200 km north.
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Saturday 27th February 2010
Yellowstone Volcano (USA)

Earthquakes at Yellowstone volcano has returned to background levels. The January-February 2010 swarm was the second largest recorded at the volcano, with over 1800 earthquakes measured. The largest earthquake was magnitude 3.8 and was felt in the park and surrounding areas. The earthquakes are believed to be tectonic in origin caused by regional Basin and Range extension. Some earthquakes are caused by geothermal activity.
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Saturday 13th February 2010
Soufriere Hills Volcano, Montserrat

Two vulcanian explosions and a partial dome collapse occurred at Sourfriere Hills volcano in the past week. The first eruption occurred on 5th February and produced a plume which reached 25,000 ft high. Pyroclastic flows reached the sea at Aymers Ghaut. The second explosion occurred on 8th February and produced a 15,000 ft high plume. Pyroclastic flows moved down the Gages, but did not reach the sea. On 11th February a 55 minute dome collapse event occurred. Pyroclastic flows traveled across the sea at several points on the eastern side of the island and were visible from Lookout village. Pyroclastic flow deposits have extended the coastline by several hundred metres at the old Bramble airport. Reports from aircraft indicated the plume reached a height of 50,000 ft. Ashfall was reported on neighbouring islands of Antigua, Guadeloupe and Dominica. The collapse affected the northeastern flank of the dome. The summit of the original southwest section of the dome is still intact.
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Friday 5th February 2010
Fukutoku-Okanoba Volcano, Japan

An underwater eruption occurred 5 km north-northwest of Iwo Jima Island, Japan on 3rd February. The eruption was observed by Japanese coast guard. Ash and steam was visible rising 100 m above the ocean surface. Yellow-green colour was visible on the ocean surface in December 2009. The volcano last erupted in 2005. A temorary island has formed on three occasions.
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Monday 1st February 2010
Gaua Volcano, Vanuatu

Eruptions have increased at Gaua volcano, Vanuatu during January. Ash emissions have increased significantly since 16th January. Ash emissions reached a height 3000 m. Strombolian eruptions occurred on 24th January. Explosions were seen and heard from villages on the east coast of Gaua on 29th January. Water level in Lake Letas has risen up to 30 cm since 22nd January. People are advised to avoid the volcano until further notice.
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