Natib Volcano - John Seach


Bataan Province, Luzon, Philippines

14.705 N, 120.40 E
summit elevation 1287 m

Natib volcano is located on the northern end of the Bataan Peninsula. It lies on the western Luzon volcanic arc. The western
part of Mt. Natib is tholeiitic, and the eastern part is calc-alkaline.

The volcano contains a 6 x 7 km diameter caldera. There are thermal springs located in the caldera with temperatures from 30 to 56 deg C.

Old Natib volcanics
These are ancient volcanic products erupted in side the caldera. Erupted products include Well consolidated pyroclastic deposits, and basaltic to andesitic lava flows
intercalated with tuff and volcanic breccias.

Middle Natib volcanics
Parasitic cones along Natib caldera rim. These include Mt. Apisan, Mt. Pinoonan, Mt. Sta. Rosa, and Mt. Silanganan.

Young Natib volcanics
Weakly consolidated andesitic lithic crystal tuff with minor basalt, dacite and pumiceous clasts located in Natib crater.

Natib Volcano Eruptions

No recent eruptions.