Monaro Volcano | John Seach


NSW, Australia

35.7 S, 150.3 E
Lava-field province
Extinct volcano

The Monaro volcanic centre in the southern highlands of NSW extending from Cooma to Bombala. The lava field is similar to the Newer Volcanic Province in Victoria. Monaro volcano covers an area of 4200 sq kmvand contains about 65 volcanic plugs.

Further reading
Roach, I.C., McQueen, K.G. and Brown, M.C., 1994. Physical and petrological characteristics of basaltic eruption sites in the Monaro Volcanic Province, southeastern New South Wales, Australia. AGSO Journal of Australian Geology and Geophysics15(3), p.381.

Eruptions of Monaro Volcano

37-55 million years ago